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This page will hopefully answer questions you might have regarding my research. If you want to learn more just contact me!

This study is intended to shed some light on the experience of online communites. I will be looking at the individual's perspective of belonging to an online group engaged in a cooperative effort. It is my hope that this will be of benefit in assisting individuals and groups getting the most out of their online gaming, especially achieving group goals.

My research is done using a qualitative research model. This means I will be interviewing people as oppossed to having them answer a questionaire. I will be interviewing up to 12 people as well as using my own notes and observations from field studies. The interview may take up to an hour or they may be several informal interviews throughout the observation period. I will then go through all the interviews and draw out common ideas and themes, which together will make up the findings.

What exactly am I looking for?

For the long, rather scholarly examination of my terms you can read my exciting chapter. Or for a mercifully brief synopsis of the key terms:


This is not a questionaire study, but rather a collection of descriptions of people's experiences. I am not attempting to prove something, merely state what is. Therefore your experience is valuable as data because it is uniquely you! Nobody else experiences things quite the way you do


Basically, being-with involves knowing and understanding how to work together with others. Think of a time when you really knew what the team or clan needed and you were able to participate fully and felt connected. You were connected to the flow of the team. Everything worked well even if you may not have won. This is the experience I am asking for help in describing.


um...where you are now ;-) except if you are reading this in an offline browser ;p (thanks to Cy for pointing this out)

Multi-player Game

Any game that has more than 2 people playing at a time as part of a team. I suppose this could include card games, but my bias is toward real time action or stategy games. I am open to anyone who has other information on other types of games! My experience (and incidentally inspiration for this research) is CCTF mod for Quake 3. I have played some other on-line co-operative games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Diablo II, Rocket Arena III, Dungeon Siege, Never Winter Nights and Dark Age of Camelot. In this study I hope to participate and observe the guilds and community of a MMORPG.

What do you need to do?

1. Read this page.

2. Talk to me and I will send letter of consent and the instructions. If you are interested, you can sign the on-line consent form.

3. Sign and return the letter.

4. I will contact you on-line and we will set up a time to talk.

Whats this interview thing? How involved is it? Does it hurt?

The interview is completely confidential as is your real name or anything else that may identify you including ip address, email address, personal webpage, etc., etc. I like people to chose what they want to be refered to in the study. You can pick an alias for your alias if you like. If you are ok with using your alias in the study that would be great, but not required. Noone has reported any ill efects from being interviewed.