What is the Experience of Being Part of a Multiplayer Gaming Community?

A Doctoral Research Project




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Thanks for your interest in my research. Some of you know me as Manx, some of you know me as Kyle. For those of you who don't know me you can look at my homepage.

I am a practicing psychologist and I am also in the process of completing a doctorate in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology at the Center for Humanistic Studies. For my doctoral dissertation I want to explore the experience of connecting with others on-line. More specifically I want to understand how people in an online community develop a maintain relationships online.

You can begin with the participant information section. It will explain what I am attempting to do. The forum will have various topics open for discussion as well as the opportunity to post questions related to the research process. If you would like to participate head on over to the on-line letter of consent form and I will contact you soon!

For the truly brave my program proposal is available for download here.