In moments of transcendence, I get the feeling of boundrylessness.  A moment of satori where I am integrated within theAssembly universe while retaining my subjective awareness.  It just all 'fits.'  I have received (or achieved?)  these moments while fencing a really good bout.  Not just winning, although that was often what John calls a happy side effect, but fencing really well.  There are also those moments in nature.  I still have a vivid memory of taking a break while hiking in the Appalacians.  Time seemed to stop as I looked out onto the mountain range from a cliff.  It was a moment of inspiration and memory that I am sure the universe provided just for me.  There are moments of transcendence when I am performing a ritual with my friends and we are performing 'as one' while retaining our distinct identities.

Some brief thoughts on Transcendence from our class discussion (often transcending experience itself!)

  • Boundryless
  • Nonjudgemental
  • Heightened Sensitivity
  • Outside time/Space
  • An awareness more than from the physical senses
  • Forgiveness as a form a transcendence

  •      I have also done a scholarly work on transcendence.  It has a more rational, intelectual taste to it but provides a basis for examination.  This was done as a requirement for a class in Key Concepts in Humanistic Psychology, but fits here.
    Trancendence Paper