The ritual that I have happens every Monday night.  This is when the members of AUM get together to discuss business.  We all meet up in Paul's room.  First we talk about money coming in.  Then we talk about money going out and future plans.  Then everyone talks about their projects.
Finally we all play Hockey on the Sony Playstation.  Paul sets up the lines and plays center.  Chad plays the outside wing and I sit in front of the net and knock people down.  Dave plays defense.  There are transcending moments when the plays work out just right.  It is as if together we are doing intuitively what needs to be done for no other purpose than to do it.  This happens every week and I never notice it unless I miss it.  People looking objectively at it will say that the 'meeting' is just an excuse to get together and play hockey on the PlayStation.  They are partly right.  It is a ritual in that everyone involved has a definate part to play and there is a structured order to the what we do.  I feel that it is a constant affirming of our friendship and dedication to making something better.