Inspiration and the Miraculous

A miraculous event to me is the experience of transcendence.  It is truly miraculous to me that I exist.  Its a great big universe and I am not.  Yet this universe, for all its glory and size, would ceases to exist if I were not here to experience it.  That is what is inspirational and miraculous for me.  Just the simple fact that I exist at all and am part of something that grand.

Where is Tao?

Master Tubg Kwo asked Chuang;
"Show me where the Tao is found."
Chuang Tzu replied:
"There is nowhere it is not to be found.'
The former insisted:
"Show me at least some definate place
Where Tao is found."
"It is in the ant," said Chuang.
"Is it in some lesser being?"
"It is in the weeds."
"Can you go further down the scale of things?"
"It is in this piece of tile."
"It is in this turd."
At this Tung Kwo had nothing more to say.

The Way of Chuang Tzu, 1992, trans. by Thomas Merton, p. 180