Enchantment is that all encompassing feeling.  The total fascination with something, whether it be a client in therapy or a significant other.  To become enchanted seems to me to be a process that can be chosen, guided by intuition, allowed to happen and nurtured for its own sake.  Jampolsky, author of Love is Letting go of Fear says in an interview with Sunrise Magazine:
We are on an equal basis where love is interchanged; we are all there to do the same thing: to let go of fear through the vehicle of love. We do this through learning that, no matter how much pain you have, if you take one instant and totally give to another person your love, during that one instant you will not experience pain or sickness; you will not perceive yourself as having pain. We find that when children and adults experience one such instant, and can recognize that instant in an eternity, we can then put two instants together, and soon put a day together.  Downloaded April 7, 1999 from http://www.theosophy-nw.org/theosnw/death/he-jamp.htm
The ability to "recognize that instant in an eternity" is, to me, the essential essence of enchantment.  My own synthesis of this alchemy process of letting fear turn to love resulted from an experiential class on Enchantment given by John Varani, Ph.D. and Colleen McNally, Ph.D. at Center for Humanistic Studies.

Tragic absurdity produces loud laughter
Sometimes things in life are so sad,
They bring out the transcendent.

At times when I am surrounded by the tragic
It is only love that gets me through.
It's as if the tragedy brings out the contrast that love is.

This is the peculiar kind of joy in tragedy.

I find that by transcending fear, I am able to move toward moments of enchantment.