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Clarinet Lessons

Lessons are typically an hour long, once a week. 30 minute half lessons are available and non-weekly occasional lesson formats can work, but aren’t optimal/recommended. Each week the student is assigned a set of materials (warm ups, exercises, scale materials, etudes, solo piece, etc.) and is expected to regularly practice throughout the week in preparation for the next lesson.

Lesson costs are variable case by case. Contact me for a quote and more info!

Many people find the lesson format helpful to structure their clarinet playing journey, trial lessons are available and there is always the option for cancellation if its not for you! If you’re serious about improving at the clarinet, or want to grow your musicianship in general, lessons are a great way to do that.

An open mind and a passion to improve! Rental opportunities for a starter clarinet and other materials to begin playing are available.

Any! I have over 8 years of experience teaching clarinetists of all skill levels, ranging from brand new musicians to collegiate level music majors. The lesson format is tailored to each student’s unique needs.

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